Corporate History

Port and Marine Corporation (P.A.M.) Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000 as construction company to grow from the operation in various marine construction such as port and facilities of the port, dredging works, break water dam and bank protection, improvement in sanitation fishing port, etc under the supervision of the Board of Directors, who are specialize in port engineering and structural engineering.

Capability and performance, combined with the implementation of a system which effectively meets the objectives that have won the trust of customers through the quality and standards that result in Port and Marine Corporation (P.A.M.) Co.,Ltd. growth and continuous expansion rapidly. From marine construction, the company quickly expanded to other construction types such as general building, airport passenger terminal building, air traffic control tower, roads, bridges and other civil works. Our experiences have been recognized as the great quality in international level standards.

As of today, Port and Marine Corporation (P.A.M.) Co.,Ltd. with registered capital of 200,000,000.- Baht (Two hundred Million Baht only) can accommodate the construction of all types of business to its fullest potential and ready to step into Asean Economic Community (AEC) with fully concentrating efforts of the Board of Directors including qualified engineers and staffs, they are all dedicated and devoted to ensure customer satisfaction in the performance of the firm commitment of the company’s motto.

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